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Click here for information on a three year Aids and drug prevention project sponsored by ICCO, the Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation.

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Aksion Plus

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Aksion Plus is the first youth Non Governmental Organization in Albania working actively in AIDS and Drugs prevention through education, information, training, publications and other activities.

At present we are a group of about 30 active volunteers in Tirana and many more in other towns that contribute in various projects and activities. Aksion Plus collaborates with other NGO’s, as well as with Governmental structures.

Now you can join Aksion Plus on Facebook. Visit us and be part of our comunity with your thoughts and comments.

Our Mission:
The Humanitarian Association "Aksion Plus" aims:

- to be institutionalized as a potential and an outstanding alternative that promotes AIDS, STIs prevention.

- deal with sexual education and other related initiatives.

- to recruit intellectuals, youngsters, doctors, social workers, teachers etc and by doing so, promoting concrete and useful initiatives in the above mentioned objectives.

- to raise the public awareness regarding AIDS prevention and other preventive means.

- to support and assist people living with HIV/AIDS and drug users to be integrated into the society.

- to exert the influence in establishing a new progressive humanitarian movement in the fight against AIDS/Drugs.

- to co-operate and co-ordinate with other similar and useful initiatives, aiming in the fight of AIDS.

- to sensitize the population targeting youngsters about youth social problems and the role they can play.

Features of Aksion Plus Activities:

psycho-social, friendly services

Counseling/group therapy
Networking, partnership, youth participation, expertise, exchange
Arts, sports and culture in Aids prevention
“No Stigma and prejudices”
Formal/informal training for students, sexual health personnel and social workers
Outreach Programs
Emphasizing the human rights of HIV positive and drug users
Prevention, information education and peer education


Home  (activities with youth Sport Against Drugs)

Home (special lectures at the Faculty of Psychology)

seminars with youth in Kruja